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          Welcome to the BrideyMurphy.com website! We are very excited about this project and hope you will find it to be informative, intriguing and inspiring. This is the place to come to for the most authoritative information about Morey Bernstein and his popular and influential 1956 book, The Search for Bridey Murphy (TSBM). We will have news, research updates, discussions, testimonials, pictures and other things to offer for researchers, fans and critics alike.

          One of the main things that prompted us to build this site was the 50th anniversary of the publication of TSBM. Friends and family of Morey Bernstein sent what would eventually total 22 boxes of letters, tape recordings and other documents relating to the book, the people involved, and the times in which this all occurred. The material took an entire year to sort through and edit. This was done by a retired college professor and Bridey aficionado in Pueblo, Colorado. All of the material is now housed permanently in the Bernstein Collection at the Pueblo County Historical Society and is open to the  public.

          We hope to provide the most accurate and timely information about Bridey that you can find anywhere. The site is therefore neutral on the issues of reincarnation and hypnotically-induced past-life regression. It is our goal to be as objective and comprehensive about all things Bridey as we possibly can. We invite comments and criticism, but we wish to state openly that it is our desire that all discussions be civil and fair. There has been a great deal of false, misleading and inaccurate information published about Morey Bernstein, his hypnotic subject, Virginia Tighe (Ruth Simmons in the book) and TSBM itself.

          So, come on in and browse the website!

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