Austin Town Hall, POP ROCK TUNE FROM TONNE article

“It’s got nods to college rock all over it, though approached with the warmth you might find in the likes of Nada Surf. Clearly you can be loud and charming all at once!” – read more here > Austin Town Hall

Essentially Pop, CATALINA review

“Jangly guitar and vacillating vocals draw in the listener and won’t let go without a fight – you’re not really inclined to struggle anyway – the snarly and slightly shrill quality of Tonne’s vocals, in conjunction with the ceaseless guitar playing make ‘Catalina’ almost the perfect pop song.” – read more hereEssentially Pop

Beats Per Minute, CATALINA review

“Tonne digs deep into his influences, carving out an old-school indie rock ethos that recalls the work of Superdrag and Teenage Fanclub, eventually allowing for some shoegaze flourishes to creep into the fringes of the track.” – read more here > Beats Per Minute

buffaBLOG, CATALINA review

“Something about the indie rock jangle of “Catalina” by Tonne is captivating af… Maybe it’s the two-chord simplicity offset by the smart cacophony of the guitar leads; maybe its the constant and driven crunch-bass; or maybe its the Smashing Pumpkins meets Built to Spill sensibility… But no matter what your reason, we think you’re gonna dig this one from the mysterious Tonne.” – read more herebuffaBLOG

Jangle Pop Hub, JESUS JULIE CHRISTIE review

“Ex Black Forest Fire man Jay Tonne juxtaposes the quieter moment of the Dinosaur Jr aesthetic and the 80 style jangly iflections of college rock mega-stars like R.E.M and Miracle Legion. It’s an disparate mix…but it works.” – read more here >  Jangle Pop Hub


“Yep they’ve got that indie rock thang in their DNA and it results in something that might have flown in from a 90’s visiting Delorean, so much so that I was peak my volume controls to get to the nub of what they were about. In truth I knew it was for me because it offers us up all sorts of jangle and shoegaze moments to make resistance impossible for a blogger of my vintage. All about closing your eyes and sync up with the bluster of noise. Second time around it sounded even better!” – read more here > MP3 Hugger

QRO Mag, EP review

“At just four songs, Bridey is short & sweet, but definitely sweet. The sunny relax on pieces such as “Jesus, Julie Christie!” (the best song to namecheck the Doctor Zhivago actress since Yo La Tengo’s “Tom Courtenay”) and “The Great Game” shines without being too shiny, or just shiny.” – read more here >  QRO Mag

Rawckus, EP review

“On Bridey Murphy, Tonne delivers nuanced smooth layers of delicate sparkling colors and contagious rhythms, all crowned by the velvety tones of Jay Tonne.” – read more here >  Rawckus

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